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Foto: Conny Balss

Christoph Rau, Darmstadt 2002.
Foto: Robert Heiler
Glauben Sie keinem Matrosen. Glauben Sie mir nicht, wenn ich sage, daß ich Sie vermissen werde.


Christoph Rau
Photographer & Locationscout
Barkhausstrasse 19
64289 Darmstadt
telephone: +49 6151 3531180
mobile/cell phone: +49 179 1181177
skype: asperda
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location-scouting website:
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Christoph Rau
Photograph & Locationscout
Barkhausstrasse 19
64289 Darmstadt
Telefon: 06151 3531180
Mobil: 0179 1181177
Skype: asperda
Website Photographie:
Website Location-Scouting:
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"So I'm doing my stuff and I hope that a miracle happens." (The Magnum photographer Carl de Keyzer on his work).
"One misconception is the most common form of human communication" (Peter Benary, born 1931, German musicologist and aphorisms), click here for translations of this proverb in about 65 languages

Hello, my name is Christoph Rau, my city is Darmstadt and I am photographer specializing in portrait photography, social, symbolic, and photos to an extensive photo archive. Click on list of topics for an overview. I look to as a location scout suitable locations for film and photo productions and events. This website serves my clients (professional and private) to give an impression of my work. The use of photos is possible on payment of a previously agreed fee to be agreed. If you want to use photos from my commercial or private contact with me, then we will agree a fee and they get the data you want from me or deductions. Apply my terms and conditions. You can download the photos from is directly from this site does not in my mind. (For technical and copyright protection and quality purposes) Professional users may request login information for my online image archive. Send me an e-mail to check on

If you want to buy original prints (prints) or postcards from me, take a look in the shop for or get in touch with me (contact information above).
This website has been in existence since August 2003. It is regularly revised, refined added, and covered. When new photos have been set, click here. About every three months (or less) I send to my customers and others interested in an e-mail with information on new images. Here you can sign up for this newsletter. For comments or suggestions on any discrepancies or errors in my website I'm open. Thank you.
Some of the people pictured, it was not possible to obtain the necessary request for the publication rights (address unknown, in hiding, died, married, etc.). Please contact to clarify any ambiguities directly to me. Thank you for your understanding.
Links (click here for my link list) on the pages of my website are checked during setup. I dissociate myself from ANY of these links (or I would not mention). More about disclaimer ("Why hurt the WWW Disclaimer") can be found here. I am grateful for any advice on content changes or broken links.

And then another. A big THANK YOU to Andi Voigtlander for the energetic (and mental ;-) support for all hardware and software problems and their sovereign (and endless patience) solution. For my work in various support and advice I would like to continue to thank Renate Gruber, Michael Hübner, Kristof Lemp, Ralph Meck, Eisel Rau, Gabriele, Martin Rau and Helgard Zebisch.

Since 8 September 2004 can be found on my site and photos from my father Prof. Hans Jürgen Rau, Reinheim. (For example on the side of winter / snow / ice). Copyright of these pictures with Hans Jürgen Rau, Ueberau and upper Kainsbach. Contact via Christoph Rau, Darmstadt.

Imprint last modified on 26 October 2012. Christoph Rau, Darmstadt

© CHRISTOPHER RAU PHOTOGRAPHY Darmstadt, Darmstadt 2003-2012

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Copyright ©: Christoph Rau, Darmstadt 2003-2018, VG Bildkunst-Urhebernummer: 339233, Jede Nutzung der Fotos, auch in Online-Veröffentlichungen oder auf CD-ROM, ist honorarpflichtig und nur nach Zustimmung durch Christoph Rau gestattet. Use of this photos, including use in online publications or on CD ROM, is subject to a fee and only permitted with Christoph Rau's consent. Ich bin nicht der Fotograf Christian Grau (Christof Grau, Christian Rau), mit dem ich manchmal wegen der Namensähnlichkeit verwechselt werde.